The Mormon Media Blitz

It’s not unusual to see advertisements in New York, and especially in Times Square. Most frequently for clothing, sports, broadway, movies, and now even religion. In the past six months the church has put a focus on advertising, in an effort to dispel myths and misunderstandings about the church.

This is ultimately a reply to the increased numbers of questions about the church which has resulted from the church in the media. Mitt Romney, Jimmer Fredette, The Book of Mormon Musical on Broadway, etc.

The church has embraced several different mediums to promote an understanding of the often misunderstood beliefs. The church is also advertising online, in print and has even targeted primetime thursday night television with their array of “I’m a Mormon” ads.

What was once done solely by 19 and 20 year-old missionaries in white shirts and ties, is now being aided by the influence of the media.

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